The Best Car Detailing & Ceramic Coating For Cars in OKC

The Highest 5-Star Rated Car Detailing in Oklahoma City
Get astonishing results and customer service with Exclusive Detail! Getting your car detailed with us is like getting a new car but without the payments!
Get A Decade OF tough Protection & Performance with Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings
Get over a decade of protection against aging, loss of gloss and micro-swirl-marks with Oklahoma City's leading automotive ceramic coating - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.
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Our Auto Detailing Services

Quality Auto Detailing in OKC

Exclusive Detail is the leading car detailing company in Oklahoma City, run by skilled craftsmen specializing in interior & exterior detailing, ceramic car coatings, paint correction, and paint protection film. Our mission is to restore the factory look and feel of your car while bringing back the thrill of enjoying a brand new car - without the payments.

We believe in offering the most hassle-free auto detailing service and to achieve that goal we offer mobile detailing where our mobile car wash & detailing unit will come to service your car at your home or office. From the comfort of your home or office, receive the best interior car cleaning, full-service car wash and extensive exterior detailing. For higher-end services like ceramic coatings, clear bra installations and paint corrections we have at your disposal an enclosed detailing studio located in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Driven by perfection, Exclusive Detail installs the best paint protection solutions to ensure your new car maintains its flawless shine and gloss for the entirety of your ownership. These are Gtechniq ceramic coatings and Xpel clear bra films. Gtechniq coatings preserve your paint by protecting it against virtually any environmental pollutants that can damage your finish for up to 9-Years. Xpel paint protection film, on the other hand, is an even tougher protection solution as it consists of a thick yet virtually invisible film with resilience against stone chips, bumper scuffs, and deep scratches. With only factory trained technicians we can back up our work with a 10-yr warranty on the film

This is Exclusive Detail, an extraordinary team of performance-driven people who prize their craft and share the same passion to bring back or preserve the joy in driving your car.

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Why Choose Exclusive Detail?

Our detailing specialists are characterized by their passion and their desire to push barriers and accept no limits.

With years spent mastering their craft and learning the industry’s secrets via the intensive Shine Supply Training, we guarantee your vehicle will receive the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results.

From stained carpets to deep scratches in your paint, we have the latest tools and know-how to make them a thing of the past, you will be amazed by our ability to restore the factory finish of your vehicle.

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