Mobile Car Detailing OKC

Full service car wash at home or at your office.

Our Auto Detailing Packages

Express Detail
Dont need a full expensive cleaning? This is what you need!
No brushes used, meaning no swirls or scratches made on paint
Fast, Clean and go
Exterior 2 BucketnWash
Interior ligh Vacuum
Interior wipe down
Starting Price
Deep Interior Cleaning Only
Harder stain removal
1-1:30 hr
Vacuum the interior
Remove Stains in Interior* not all stains can be removed
Shine Interior Panels
Add Fragrance to Interior
Fabric or leather Guard to prevent an more staining to seats or carpet
Starting Price
Platinum Package
Great for those times you havint ever or havint detailed you vehickle in a while.
Our best deal on cleaning. You get a bit of eveything!

-Clay bar
-Clay bar
-Fabric/Leather Guard
-Premium Interior dressing
-Full Vacuum
-Light stain removal
-Windshield coated
-6 Month sealant spray of c2v3 Gtechniq
-2 Bucket Wash
-Wheels fully cleaned and sealed
-1 Step polish
Starting Price

We Come to Your Home or Office

Our mobile detailing service is the simplest most hassle-free solution to get your vehicle washed, cleaned and detailed in Oklahoma City. Our mobile solution is geared towards simplifying your life and bringing back that new car feeling to your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Our mobile car detailing unit is equipped with all the tools and equipment to clean your car’s interior, hand wash your car or remove those unsightly scratches from your paint via our paint correction services - all from the comfort of your home or office. Our full-service mobile detailing service is like having a home car wash at your disposal. Don’t waste your time commuting to your local auto detailing center and waiting while your vehicle is getting cleaned, call or message us instead to experience a new level of simplicity.

It is important to note that not all services can be provided at mobile locations. Some service such as ceramic coatings, paint protection film, and paint correction can require an enclosed location such as a garage. But don’t sweat if you don’t have access to an enclosed location our detailing studio is located in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Exclusive Detailing desire to push boundaries doesn’t stop at making detailing the most convenient as possible. Our team of passionate detailers is driven by perfection with a deep desire to bring back the same joy you had when you first drove off the lot with your brand new car and its flawless, shiny paint. Each of our car detailers has years of experience perfecting their craft and have gone through the extensive training to ensure your vehicles receive the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results the first time and every time.

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